Avianca is the flag carrier airline of Colombia and one of the largest and oldest airlines in South America. Founded in 1919, it is the second-oldest airline in the world, only after KLM. Avianca operates an extensive network that covers domestic routes within Colombia and international services to North, Central, and South America, as well as Europe. The airline has been a member of the Star Alliance since 2012 and is well-regarded for its customer service and safety records. With its primary hub at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá, Avianca serves as a significant connector for travelers in the region.


Avianca operates a wide range of flights, both domestically within Colombia and internationally. It covers key cities in North, Central, and South America, along with select European destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona, and London.


The airline’s fleet primarily consists of Airbus aircraft, including the A320 family for short to medium-haul routes and the A330 for long-haul routes. Avianca also operates Embraer E190 aircraft for some of its regional services.

Subsidiary Airlines

Avianca has subsidiary airlines that extend its reach and coverage, especially within Colombia and Latin America. Each subsidiary has a specific role or focus within the Avianca Holdings group.

Avianca Costa Rica (formerly LACSA): This airline is based in San José, Costa Rica, and provides crucial links within Central America. It also serves some international routes, particularly to the United States.

Avianca Ecuador (formerly AeroGal): Avianca Ecuador serves mainly domestic Ecuadorian destinations but also has some international services. It operates from its base in Quito and complements Avianca’s broader network.

Avianca El Salvador (formerly TACA): TACA Airlines was a significant Central American airline before it was integrated into Avianca. The El Salvador hub remains crucial for Avianca’s operations in the region.

Avianca Guatemala (formerly Aviateca): This subsidiary focuses on domestic routes within Guatemala and some neighboring countries in Central America.

Avianca Honduras (formerly Isleña Airlines): Operating from San Pedro Sula, this subsidiary provides essential domestic links within Honduras.

Avianca Express: Previously known as Regional Express Americas, this airline operates domestic routes within Colombia, focusing on connecting smaller cities with Avianca’s main hubs.

Each of these subsidiaries helps Avianca extend its route network, offering passengers more choices and easier connections. Some of these may undergo changes or restructuring, but they form part of Avianca’s broader strategy to dominate Latin American skies.


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