Avianca Express

Avianca Express is a regional airline that operates as a subsidiary of Avianca Holdings, one of the largest and oldest airlines in Latin America. Established to serve short-haul routes and feeder flights, Avianca Express aims to complement the larger network operations of its parent company, Avianca. Based primarily in Colombia, the airline serves multiple domestic destinations and is focused on providing frequent, reliable service to smaller cities and towns, thus bridging the gap between these regions and major aviation hubs.


Avianca Express primarily operates within Colombia, connecting smaller towns and cities to larger, more central airports. This enables easier transfers and international connections for travelers. The airline’s reach extends to various Colombian regions, making it an essential part of the country’s domestic air travel infrastructure.


The airline operates a modern fleet of regional jets and turboprops, specifically designed for short-haul flights. While the exact composition of the fleet can vary, it is generally geared towards efficiency and speed, enabling the airline to maintain frequent services between its destinations.


  • IATA: EX

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