IGavion, a subsidiary brand of SkyTaxi, was a French airline that offered scheduled regional services within France, particularly from Nice to various domestic destinations. It commenced operations in June 2013, initially with a chartered aircraft from SkyTaxi, a Polish company. IGavion was based in Paris, France, and aimed at providing regular flight services in the French market. Over time, it expanded its service to include international destinations from its Dole base, starting with flights to Rome, Girona, Palma de Mallorca, and Venice Marco Polo. The airline used a fleet of SAAB 340 aircraft with a capacity of 34 passengers on board, suitable for its regional operations.


IGavion operated direct domestic services from Nice to several destinations within France, including Châteauroux, Bergerac, and Epinal. The airline later extended its services internationally from Dole to Rome, Girona, Palma de Mallorca, and Venice Marco Polo during specific periods. The international services marked a significant expansion for IGavion, offering more travel options to its passengers.


The airline’s fleet consisted of SAAB 340 aircraft, each with a capacity to accommodate 34 passengers. The SAAB 340 is known for its reliability and efficiency in regional operations, making it a suitable choice for IGavion’s service routes. These aircraft were initially chartered from SkyTaxi, the Polish company, before becoming a part of IGavion’s fleet.