SkyTaxi is a Polish air carrier headquartered at Wroclaw Airport in Poland. Established over two decades ago, SkyTaxi has marked a significant presence in the air transportation sector. Primarily engaged in cargo operations, it boasts a fleet of Boeing 767-200 and Boeing 767-300ER freighters, facilitating charter and regular cargo flights across Europe, the Middle East, China, and Africa. The airline has recently added a new Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF) freighter to its fleet, reflecting its continuous growth and commitment to efficiency and flexibility in cargo transportation.


SkyTaxi operates worldwide, particularly focusing on cargo charter flights in Europe, Middle East, China, and Africa. In the past, under the brand IGavion, it also provided scheduled regional passenger services within France. Furthermore, SkyTaxi has been supporting DHL with operations in Europe and the Middle East, with aircraft based in Leipzig and Bahrain during 2019-2021. The airline also has future plans to extend its charter operations to the US and China, further broadening its global footprint.


The fleet comprises Boeing 767-200 and Boeing 767-300ER freighters. SkyTaxi is in the process of expanding its fleet, with a recent addition of a Boeing 767-300ER(BDSF) freighter and plans to lease four A330-300(P2F)s from Cargo Aircraft Management between 2024 and 2026. These expansions signify SkyTaxi’s ambition to enhance its cargo transportation capacity and reach on both regional and international scales.


  • IATA: TE

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