DAT LT, previously known as DOT LT, stands as a Danish-owned airline operating out of Lithuania, specifically Karmėlava. Renowned for its worldwide ACMI services, DAT LT uses a select fleet of passenger aircraft and functions under the parent company, Danish DAT. The airline’s roots trace back to 2003 when it was founded as Danu Oro Transportas, supported significantly by its primary shareholder DAT Danish Air Transport. 2006 witnessed a rebranding of the airline as DOT LT, and by 2019, it took on its current identity as DAT LT. As of 2010, the workforce of DAT LT consisted of 60 dedicated professionals, with the airline being a proud member of the European Regions Airline Association.


DAT LT boasts a wide range of destinations spanning multiple countries. In Denmark, it caters to cities like Aalborg, Aarhus, Billund, Bornholm, Copenhagen, Esbjerg, and Karup. Norway sees DAT LT services in Brekstad, Florø, Lakselv, Oslo, Stavanger, Stord, and Tromsø. The airline also reaches Berlin, Hamburg, and Saarbrücken in Germany; Helsinki and Kajaani in Finland; as well as Catania, Lampedusa, Palermo, Pantelleria, and Trapani in Italy.


With regards to its fleet, as of November 2022, DAT LT operates with the ATR 42-500 aircraft.


  • IATA: R6

Official site: dot.lt

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