Danish Air Transport (DAT)


DAT, originally named Danish Air Transport, is a prominent airline based in Vamdrup, Denmark. Founded in 1989, it initially launched as a cargo airline but swiftly expanded to special operations and passenger flights. With a history that spans over three decades, DAT has cemented its reputation in the aviation industry, offering both scheduled and chartered services mainly within Denmark. In a strategic move, DAT abbreviated its brand name prior to 2020, reflecting its evolution and growth in the aviation sector.


DAT operates from its main hub at Copenhagen Airport, with a significant focus on Bornholm Airport. The airline serves 16 destinations, offering a blend of passenger and cargo services, ensuring connectivity and convenience for its patrons.


As of January 2023, DAT boasts a diverse fleet of 20 aircraft. This includes Airbus A320-200 and A321-200, ATR models ranging from 42-300 to 72-600, and an Embraer 195, which was acquired from Great Dane Airlines. They also have 2 additional Embraer 195s on order, indicating plans for expansion.


  • IATA: DX

Official site: dat.dk