Classica Air

Classica Air, initially known as Nobil Air, was founded in 2003 and rebranded in 2015. It is a business and private charter carrier based in Chisinau, Moldova. Classica Air operates VIP charter flights both regionally and internationally. Its fleet consists of a Learjet 60 and an ERJ Legacy 650 (E135) BJ, catering to the luxury travel sector. The airline operates under the ICAO code NBL with the callsign ‘NOBIL AIR’ and is recognized for offering high-end charter services.


Classica Air’s destinations are not specified but, given its business model, likely include a variety of international locations, tailored to the needs of its private charter clients.


The airline’s fleet comprises a Learjet 60 and an ERJ Legacy 650 (E135) BJ, specializing in luxury and business travel. These aircraft are suited for both regional and international VIP charter flights.