Low price calendar shows the lowest prices by months and days up to a year ahead for your destination. The calendar view will help you with planning a trip based on search results for the cheapest air tickets.


The Airfare Calendar offered by Avianity is a useful tool for finding the best prices on flights. This interactive calendar allows travelers to view prices for a range of dates, making it easy to plan a trip that fits within their budget.

With the Airfare Calendar, travelers simply select their destination and departure city, and then choose a monthly view of prices for that route. The calendar shows the lowest available price for each day of the month, making it easy to compare prices and find the best deals.

Moreover, the Airfare Calendar is especially helpful for travelers with flexible travel dates as you can easily see which days offer the cheapest flights. It also helps in avoiding peak travel times, thus saving money for other activities during the trip.

This feature is available on many airline websites and travel agency websites, including Avianity, making it easy to find and book the best deals on flights for your next trip.