Wilderness Air

Wilderness Air is a reputable charter airline that operates in various regions of Southern Africa, primarily catering to the needs of tourists traveling to secluded safari locations. Established to facilitate seamless travel experiences for guests of Wilderness Safaris, the airline has grown extensively since its inception. Known for its high safety standards, experienced pilots, and commitment to environmental sustainability, Wilderness Air plays a significant role in connecting adventurers with some of Africa’s most pristine and remote wilderness areas.


Wilderness Air operates flights in several countries across Southern Africa, including Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The airline mainly focuses on transporting tourists to and from various safari camps and lodges, many of which are located in remote areas that are not accessible via commercial airlines. This includes flights to national parks, private reserves, and other secluded destinations that are prime locations for wildlife viewing and photographic safaris.


Wilderness Air’s fleet is diverse and meticulously maintained, designed to navigate the challenging terrains of Africa’s wilderness areas safely. It includes a range of aircraft well-suited for short airstrips in remote locations. While the specific types of aircraft may vary, the fleet generally includes Cessna 210s, Cessna Caravans, and Pilatus PC-12s, among others. Each plane is equipped and prepared to meet the highest safety and maintenance standards.



Official site: www.wilderness-air.com