VolDirect is a unique aviation entity established by Breton entrepreneurs, specifically tailored for entrepreneurs. Originating as a taxi-flight company, it aimed at providing exclusive flight services to staff members of seven regional companies. However, in December 2015, the French aviation authorities green-lighted VolDirect to operate its Pilatus PC-12 NG commercially, making its services accessible to all passengers. The company, based out of Rennes St. Jacques, now extends its passenger charter carrier services, allowing anyone interested to book a flight, thereby broadening its customer base significantly.


Specific destinations serviced by VolDirect are not publicly disclosed, however, being a passenger charter carrier, it provides tailored flights based on customer requirements, primarily operating out of Rennes St. Jacques.


VolDirect operates with a Pilatus PC-12 NG, a single-engine turboprop aircraft, which is known for its versatility and efficiency, making it suitable for various flight requirements including taxi-flights and commercial operations.


Official site: voldirect.com