Vizion Air

Vizion Air, established in January 2013, is a virtual charter airline with its headquarters situated at Antwerp International Airport, Belgium. Focusing on providing specialized charter services, Vizion Air aligns with a unique operating model, utilizing its fleet not through ownership but via strategic partnerships with other airlines, ensuring diverse and flexible flight options to cater to a broad spectrum of customer requirements.


Operating as a virtual charter airline, Vizion Air does not offer fixed route services but instead, delivers customized air travel solutions. They coordinate and curate exclusive flights to a range of destinations as per the specific demands of their clients, utilizing their strategic fleet partnerships to ensure a tailored, client-centric travel experience to various national and international destinations.


Vizion Air operates with a strategic model, leveraging partnerships to facilitate a diverse fleet without direct aircraft ownership. The fleet includes a Fokker 50, stationed at Antwerp International Airport, operated by Air Antwerp and designed to accommodate 50 passengers. Additionally, their offering is complemented by a Saab 340, based at Châlons Vatry Airport, operated by SprintAir, with a 33-passenger capacity. Lastly, a Fairchild Dornier 328JET, stationed at Augsburg Airport, and operated by JoinJet, accommodates 32 passengers. Each aircraft is meticulously chosen to provide a unique and distinct travel experience, adhering to the various logistical and experiential requirements of Vizion Air’s clientele.


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