Vieques Air Link

Vieques Air Link (VAL) is a renowned Puerto Rican airline that has been in operation since 1965. Known for connecting the beautiful islands of Vieques and Culebra to the main island of Puerto Rico, VAL plays a crucial role in supporting both the local community and the tourism industry. They also cater to the needs of tourists and locals by providing essential and convenient connections, facilitating seamless travel across the enchanting Puerto Rican archipelago.


Vieques Air Link operates scheduled flights to several key destinations within Puerto Rico, connecting the main island to the smaller, picturesque islands of Vieques and Culebra. They also provide charter services, which can be customized to travel to various other Caribbean destinations, ensuring that the beauty and splendor of these islands are accessible to explorers and tourists alike.


Vieques Air Link maintains a fleet that is well-suited to the unique geographic and logistic demands of inter-island Caribbean travel. This includes a mix of aircraft, such as the Britten-Norman Islander and Trislander, Cessna 402, and Cessna Caravan. These aircraft are designed to handle shorter runways and provide frequent, reliable service among the islands, ensuring vital connectivity in the region.


  • IATA: V4

Official site:

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