Venezolana – Rutas Aéreas de Venezuela RAV S.A., commonly referred to as Venezolana de Aviación, is a Venezuelan charter airline established in 2001 and headquartered in Maracaibo. Founded initially as RAVSA, it commenced operations under the brand name Venezolana in 2007. The airline, which has faced several challenges and suspensions in its history, plays a vital role in connecting various domestic and select international destinations, providing crucial air transport services amidst the socio-economic dynamics of the Venezuelan aviation sector.


Venezolana operates a series of flights within Venezuela and to some international destinations. As of January 2022, the airline maintains operational routes to several cities, including Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Panama City in Panama. Over the years, the airline has also witnessed the termination of numerous routes to cities within Venezuela, as well as to destinations in Aruba, Colombia, Mexico, and Trinidad & Tobago.


As of January 2023, Venezolana’s fleet is comprised of three aircraft: one Boeing 737-200, one McDonnell Douglas MD-82, and one McDonnell Douglas MD-83, catering to various passenger capacities and route demands. Over the years, the airline’s fleet has witnessed changes, previously operating different models such as British Aerospace Jetstream 31 and 41, adapting to the evolving requirements of its operational routes and market dynamics.


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