Van City Seaplanes

Van City Seaplanes, established in 1999 and previously known as Amigo Airways, serves the British Columbia South Coastal Region as a charter seaplane operator. After a hiatus until 2006, it resumed services, focusing on reliable charter flights to various destinations, facilitating access to remote areas and offering a unique travel experience.


Van City Seaplanes offers flights from Vancouver International Airport to numerous destinations like Pender Harbour, Nanaimo, Campbell River, and Cortes Island, among others, catering to both leisure and business travelers seeking to explore the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia.


The airline operates a fleet comprising the Cessna 182 Sealane and the Dehavilland Beaver seaplanes. These aircraft are known for their comfort, reliability, and suitability for short-haul flights to rugged and remote areas.


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