Van Air Europe


Van Air Europe, with its headquarters in Brno, stands as a prominent charter airline in the Czech Republic, catering to both passenger and cargo services. Launched in 2004 by Aeroservis, the airline rapidly expanded its wings, embarking on an array of routes on behalf of other airlines. Notably, it operated flights out of several cities, including Blackpool, Isle of Man, Gloucester, Belfast City, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Jersey, with the latter only being available during summer. However, 2017 saw a significant incident when a scheduled flight on behalf of Citywing faced adverse weather conditions, resulting in an emergency landing. This event led to the temporary suspension of its UK flying permissions by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, but following an investigation and response to a safety recommendation in 2018, the case was eventually closed.


The airline, through its rich history, operated from diverse cities such as Blackpool, the Isle of Man, Gloucester, and more. Though some routes, like the Leeds service, were halted, new ones like the Glasgow route were introduced in March 2014. Their association with Citywing saw them take flight from renowned destinations, expanding their footprint in the European airspace.


The backbone of Van Air Europe’s services lies in its fleet of aircraft. As of November 2023, the airline prides itself on operating the reliable Let L-410 Turbolet, with a total of 5 such aircrafts ensuring smooth and dependable flights for its passengers.


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