UR Airlines

UR Airlines is an international airline headquartered in Iraq. Established in 2019, this carrier boasts a small narrow-body fleet, primarily operating out of its hubs in Baghdad and Najaf. Additionally, UR Airlines extends its services on behalf of FlyErbil from Erbil. Notably, some flights originating from Erbil are operated by GetJet Airlines, though they use the UR Airlines IATA and ICAO codes for identification.


UR Airlines operates flights to a diverse range of destinations, covering countries from Armenia to Tunisia. Its primary hubs are located in Baghdad, Erbil, and Najaf, serving as the launching points for its expansive network. The airline provides connectivity to major cities such as Yerevan, Copenhagen, Munich, Beirut, and Istanbul, among others.


The airline’s fleet, as of August 2021, comprises of Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 737-400 aircraft. With these planes, UR Airlines ensures reliable and efficient services for its passengers across its route network.


  • IATA: UD

Official site: urairlines.com

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