TUS Airways

Founded in June 2015, TUS Airways has cemented its place as the largest airline in Cyprus, with headquarters stationed in Larnaca. Known for commencing operations on 14 February 2016, the airline showcases a commendable expansion and consistent service from its hub at Larnaca International Airport. From an initial route connecting Larnaca to Tel Aviv and Haifa utilizing a Saab 340B, to owning a fleet centered around the Airbus A320 aircraft, TUS Airways has demonstrated adaptability amidst changes and challenges, maintaining its stature in the aviation sector while providing valuable connections across various destinations.


TUS Airways diligently operates scheduled flights from its hub at Larnaca International Airport and focus city Tel Aviv, covering several destinations in different countries such as Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Slovakia, and the United Arab Emirates. Be it the romantic city of Paris, the historic realm of Rome, or the bustling ambiance of Dubai, TUS Airways stitches a network that encompasses diverse cultural and touristic hubs, offering passengers a myriad of travel choices.


By June 2023, TUS Airways boasted a fleet of 5 Airbus A320-200 aircraft, with an additional 2 on order, each accommodating 180 passengers. The airline, which once operated models like Saab 340B and Saab 2000, has notably transitioned its fleet to focus on the Airbus A320, mirroring a commitment to enhancing passenger capacity and ensuring a modern, comfortable flight experience. This evolution underlines TUS Airways’ strategic planning in fleet management and its adherence to providing reliable services.


  • IATA: U8

Official site: www.tusairways.com

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