Tsaradia is a domestic airline based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, and is a subsidiary of Air Madagascar. Commencing operations on 2 July 2018, Tsaradia was established as part of a strategic partnership between Air Austral and Air Madagascar. The airline serves as the domestic arm of Air Madagascar, which has since transitioned all its domestic routes to be exclusively operated by Tsaradia. With its base at Ivato International Airport, Tsaradia is committed to connecting various parts of Madagascar, enhancing both tourism and local connectivity. The airline’s name, “Tsaradia”, translates to “good flight” or “good travel” in Malagasy, and its logo features a stylized, leaping ring-tailed lemur, a creature endemic to Madagascar.


Tsaradia operates flights within Madagascar, focusing on 10 key domestic destinations including its hub at Antananarivo and focus cities like Nosy Be, Toamasina, and Toliara. The airline plays a significant role in connecting the island’s various regions, serving both local residents and tourists visiting the country’s diverse and picturesque locations.


The Tsaradia fleet, as of October 2019, consists of four aircraft: two ATR 72-500s and two ATR 72-600s. These turboprop airplanes are known for their efficiency and ability to operate on shorter runways, making them well-suited for the diverse range of airport facilities within Madagascar.


  • IATA: TZ

Official site: www.tsaradia.com

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