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TPA, nestled in the industrious city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon since 1974, stands as a paragon in the Mexican aviation sector, offering a plethora of services including Maintenance and Painting workshops, Guard and Custody, Traffic and Dispatch, FBO services, and Handling. With an extended presence in Monterrey, Toluca, and Mexico City, TPA has been certified as an authorized service center for Embraer Executive Jets, Mexico since 2010, showcasing capabilities for a wide array of models.


Although TPA is recognized for its comprehensive services like maintenance workshops and FBO services rather than its flight destinations, it maintains a robust presence in Monterrey, Toluca, and Mexico City, ensuring that its facilities are strategically located in key aviation hubs within Mexico to seamlessly provide services where they are most needed.


TPA prides itself on its affiliation with Embraer Executive Jets, as it is a certified service center, demonstrating its adept capabilities in handling a wide spectrum of models. TPA’s services are not only bounded by maintenance but also extend to the intricate, precise, and essential painting workshops which showcase the company’s commitment to detail and operational aesthetics in aviation.


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