Transmandu is a seasoned tourism company, specializing in non-regular aerial transport of passengers and cargo from Ciudad Bolívar and Puerto Ordaz to various tourist zones in the southern region of Estado Bolívar, such as Canaima, Kavac, Kamarata, Uruyen, Luepa, and Santa Elena. Strictly adhering to Venezuelan Aerial Regulations, especially the RAV 135, Transmandu ensures stringent safety across all its operations.


Transmandu connects notable destinations, facilitating seamless transport to the distinguished Parque Nacional Canaima and the enchanting Isla de Margarita from Ciudad Bolívar and Puerto Ordaz. Esteemed as premium tourist destinations, these locations offer splendid experiences for leisure travelers.


Transmandu will utilize its British-manufactured Jetstream 32 aircraft for charter flights. With a seating capacity of 19 passengers, these airplanes ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience, facilitating access to the magnificent destinations within Transmandu’s network, while adhering to the safety and regulatory standards.


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