Transavia France


Transavia France, a subsidiary of the Transavia and Air France – KLM, is a prominent low-cost airline operating from France. Established in 2007, it complements its Dutch sister company, Transavia. The airline primarily serves leisure destinations and has earned its reputation by offering affordable flights combined with exceptional service. With its main operational bases at Paris-Orly, Nantes, and Lyon, Transavia France has become an integral part of the European low-cost aviation landscape.


Transavia France primarily focuses on destinations in the Mediterranean, Europe, and North Africa. Popular routes include flights to cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Marrakech, and more. The airline continuously adapts its route network based on seasonal demands, offering summer and winter destinations to cater to both sun seekers and winter sports enthusiasts.


Transavia France boasts a fleet predominantly composed of Boeing 737 aircraft. This includes both the Boeing 737-800 and, potentially, newer versions of the 737 as the airline continues to modernize its operations.


  • IATA: TO

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