Trans Anguilla Airways


Trans Anguilla Airways (TAA), an air charter airline established in 1997, offers vital connectivity within the Caribbean from its hub at Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport. Founded by Joshua Gumbs and managed by Lincoln Gumbs and Carl Thomas, TAA provides an array of air transport services including private, shared, and executive charters, sightseeing flights, freight services, and air ambulance services. Known for its dedicated services and facilitating integral connections within the Leeward Islands, it notably launched a new service flight to Sint Eustatius in July 2013.


With 26 destinations, TAA has carved a niche in facilitating efficient and accessible travel within the Caribbean. It operates a succinct 7-minute scheduled flight between Anguilla and Sint Maarten, while also providing diverse charter services to other islands in the Leeward Islands. Whether for sightseeing, inter-island connectivity, or specialized services like air ambulance, TAA ensures a breadth of options for Caribbean travel.


The fleet of TAA is tailored to provide versatile services across its various destinations. The airline operates Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander aircraft, which are renowned for their reliability in short-haul flights, and a Cessna 402, each capable of accommodating up to 9 passengers. These aircraft facilitate the various charter and scheduled services offered by the airline, ensuring that passengers have access to both regular and customized travel options within the region.


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