TAPSA Aviacion


TAPSA Aviacion is a relatively lesser-known aviation company that primarily focuses on specialized air services such as chartered flights, cargo, and aerial work. Not to be confused with commercial passenger airlines, TAPSA Aviacion typically serves industries like agriculture, mining, and other sectors requiring customized aerial solutions. The company plays a crucial role in areas that are difficult to access by conventional means of transportation, enabling crucial supply chain and logistics operations. They are often hired for specific projects or tasks rather than running regular scheduled flights.


TAPSA Aviacion doesn’t operate regular passenger routes like commercial airlines. Instead, it specializes in on-demand charter flights and aerial work, serving various industries such as mining, agriculture, and logistics. The company operates in different regions depending on the project requirements, often in hard-to-reach areas.


The airline’s fleet primarily consists of specialized aircraft tailored for heavy lifting, cargo, and other industrial requirements. This may include helicopters and small to medium fixed-wing aircraft, adapted to suit the unique needs of their clients.


  • IATA: V8

Official site: tapsa.com.ar