Taban Air

Taban Air, officially known as Taban Airlines, is an Iranian airline with its headquarters located in the Ekbatan Complex in Tehran. Established in 2005, the airline began operations a year later in 2006. With its main operational base in Mashhad, Taban Air offers domestic, international, and charter flights.


Taban Air operates both domestic and international flights. With a network of 18 destinations, the airline has a significant presence in the Iranian aviation market, connecting major cities and regions within Iran and extending its reach to international locations.


As of April 2023, the Taban Air fleet comprises the following aircraft: Boeing 737-400, and McDonnell Douglas MD-88. Over the years, the airline has operated a diverse range of aircraft, including the Tupolev 154, Boeing 757, BAE 146, and Airbus A310, showcasing its adaptability and growth in the aviation sector.


  • IATA: HH

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