Syphax Airlines

Syphax Airlines, headquartered in Sfax, Tunisia, was a scheduled airline primarily based at Sfax–Thyna International Airport. The airline was established in 2011 by Mohamed Frikha, a prominent businessman and CEO of Telnet. Initially targeting services only from Sfax, they eventually expanded their operations across Tunisia. Despite early growth, the airline faced financial challenges, leading to the suspension of its operations in 2015. However, Syphax made a notable comeback, announcing its restart in 2018 and officially resuming in 2019, aiming to connect various North African and European destinations.


Syphax Airlines served multiple destinations within the Mediterranean region, including key routes connecting Tunis, Djerba, and Sfax to North Africa and Europe. Cities like Paris and Toulouse in France were some of the primary European destinations. The airline’s strategic position in Tunisia allowed it to offer sixth-freedom services, bridging Africa and Europe.


Over the years, Syphax Airlines operated various aircraft models. At its peak, the fleet comprised of Airbus A319s and an Airbus A330-200, which was used for services to Montreal. However, the most recent fleet, as of September 2018, included two Bombardier CRJ-900ER aircrafts, with a seating capacity of 90 passengers each.


  • IATA: Y3

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