Susi Air


Susi Air, also known as PT ASI Pudjiastuti Aviation, is an Indonesian airline established in 2004. Initially founded to assist in relief operations post the devastating 2004 Tsunami, Susi Air has since grown to become an essential provider of passenger and cargo services, particularly to remote areas in Indonesia. The airline has carved a niche for itself, focusing on connecting isolated parts of the Indonesian archipelago, ensuring vital connectivity for communities with limited access to larger commercial flights.


Susi Air primarily operates domestic flights, reaching out to remote regions and smaller islands within Indonesia. These include areas that are not typically served by larger commercial airlines, making Susi Air a lifeline for many communities, especially in the eastern part of the country.


The airline’s fleet primarily consists of light and versatile aircraft suitable for short take-offs and landings. This includes Cessna Grand Caravans and Pilatus PC-6 Porter planes, which are adept at operating in challenging terrains and shorter airstrips prevalent in remote areas.


  • IATA: SI

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