Sundance Air Venezuela


Sundance Air Venezuela, based in Porlamar, is a private cargo and charter airline founded in 2002. Operating within Venezuela and extending its wings to the Caribbean, it marks a notable presence in the aviation sector, ensuring that connectivity within its operation hubs is sustained. With a steady and efficient fleet, it caters to the transit needs of cargo and passengers, ensuring a seamless air travel experience enriched with reliability and punctuality.


Linking the pivotal Aeropuerto Internacional Simón Bolívar in Venezuela to various destinations in the Caribbean, Sundance Air Venezuela ensures vibrant connectivity across its operational network. While it primarily serves routes within Venezuela, it also embellishes its flight schedule with services extending to the Caribbean, ensuring that both regions enjoy consistent and reliable air travel and cargo transit services.


As of November 2016, Sundance Air Venezuela operates a fleet that ensures the smooth running of its operations. With aircraft like the Jetstream 31, it maintains a potent capability to navigate its current routes, ensuring that passengers and cargo are transported efficiently and safely across all its destinations. Specifics of the fleet are as follows: Jetstream 31 – 2 in service, accommodating 19 passengers each, and an unspecified aircraft – 1 in service, accommodating 12 passengers.



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