Sun Air

Sun Air, a private airline headquartered in Khartoum, Sudan, commenced its operations in June 2008. Initially equipped with an Airbus A310-300 and three Boeing 737-200 aircraft, the family-owned airline has significantly expanded its fleet since then. As of October 2021, Sun Air offers scheduled domestic flights between Khartoum and several domestic cities, and internationally, it connects Khartoum to a myriad of destinations across Africa and the Middle East.


Sun Air maintains regular passenger service to several locations. Its primary hub is the Khartoum International Airport. Other domestic destinations include Nyala, Port Sudan, Geneina, and El Fasher. On the international front, Sun Air serves cities like Al Muharraq (Bahrain), Cairo, Beirut, Kano, Juba, Istanbul, Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai, Sharjah, and Damascus, among others. They are actively looking to expand their routes to places like Uganda, Nigeria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Syria with support from Lufthansa Consulting.


The airline’s fleet, as of September 2021, includes two Embraer E-190s with a capacity of 100 passengers each, two Airbus 330-200s accommodating 244 passengers, and two Airbus A321-200s with a seating capacity of 179 passengers. In the past, Sun Air’s fleet comprised a diverse range of aircraft, including models from Boeing, Airbus, Antonov, Ilyushin, and Yakovlev.


  • IATA: ZU

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