Stewart Island Flights

Stewart Island Flights is a New Zealand-based airline that specializes in providing air travel services between the South Island and Stewart Island, a charming and largely untouched natural sanctuary. Founded in 1984, the airline has been a vital link between Invercargill and Stewart Island, making it easier for both residents and tourists to access the island’s unique wildlife, natural beauty, and outdoor activities. Over the years, Stewart Island Flights has also expanded its services to include scenic flights, charter services, and special trips for hunting and fishing expeditions. The airline has earned a reputation for reliability, safety, and outstanding customer service.


Stewart Island Flights primarily operates between Invercargill on the South Island and Stewart Island. They also offer scenic flights that provide panoramic views of the island’s diverse landscapes, as well as specialized flights for hunters and anglers seeking remote destinations.


The airline operates a fleet of Britten-Norman Islanders and Cessna aircraft, well-suited for the short-haul nature of their flights and for landing on the island’s smaller airfields.


  • IATA: WK

Official site:

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