Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines is the national carrier of the Solomon Islands, headquartered in Honiara, the capital city. Established to promote travel and boost the economy of this South Pacific archipelago, the airline plays a crucial role in connecting various islands both domestically and internationally. It aims to offer reliable and efficient air transport services for passengers, cargo, and mail. Solomon Airlines offers a unique blend of traditional Solomon Islander hospitality and modern aviation technology, ensuring a comfortable and safe flying experience for its passengers.


Solomon Airlines primarily operates domestic flights that connect various islands within the Solomon Islands. It also offers international flights, linking the Solomon Islands to key destinations such as Australia, New Zealand, and other countries in the South Pacific region.


The fleet typically includes a mix of both turboprop and jet aircraft, allowing for flexible operations that can cater to both short-haul domestic routes and longer international flights. Common aircraft types may include the Dash 8 for domestic services and Airbus models for international routes.


  • IATA: IE

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