Sol del Paraguay


Sol del Paraguay is an airline based in AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay. Established with a focus on promoting connectivity within Paraguay and to nearby international destinations, the airline endeavors to deliver value-driven, safe, and reliable air travel options. While Sol del Paraguay encompasses a dedication to enhancing the aviation sector of the country, it also symbolizes the spirit of Paraguayan hospitality and efficiency in its service, aspiring to provide passengers with pleasant and seamless travel experiences.


The airline pledges to boost local and international connectivity by operating flights to pivotal destinations within Paraguay and some neighboring countries. While the precise destinations might evolve, Sol del Paraguay typically embarks on routes that enhance connectivity from its hub, offering passengers varied options for their travel itineraries, be it for business, leisure, or other purposes.


Sol del Paraguay employs a fleet that is aptly suited for its operational routes, ensuring that passengers experience a safe and comfortable journey. Though the specific models of the aircraft may be subject to periodic updates, the airline maintains a commitment to utilizing planes that facilitate efficient, timely, and secure travel for all passengers.


  • IATA: PI

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