Smartwings Slovakia


Smartwings Slovakia, formerly known as Travel Service Slovakia, is a charter airline headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia. Founded in 2010, the airline operates primarily from Bratislava Airport and serves as a subsidiary of Smartwings, a prominent Czech airline. In December 2018, in line with its parent company’s rebranding, the airline transitioned from its original name, Travel Service, to its current identity, Smartwings Slovakia.


Smartwings Slovakia offers leisure flights to various destinations, ranging from the sunny beaches of Africa to historical European cities. Notable destinations in Africa include locations in Cape Verde, Egypt, and Tunisia. In Europe, the airline covers a wide range of cities across Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, and Spain. In Asia, passengers can travel to select destinations in Israel and the United Arab Emirates.


Smartwings Slovakia prides itself on operating a fleet that ensures passenger comfort and safety. As of March 2022, their fleet includes the Boeing 737-800 with the registration OM-TSG, designed to accommodate 189 passengers.


  • IATA: 6D

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