Skytrans is an Australian regional airline headquartered in Cairns, Queensland. Founded in 1990, the airline primarily serves the communities of Queensland, focusing on regional and remote areas often not accessible by road. Skytrans Airlines aims to be a reliable and essential connection for these isolated communities, offering both passenger and cargo services. Besides commercial operations, the airline also provides charter services for tourism, government, and private sector needs. Known for its strong emphasis on safety and community service, Skytrans has become an indispensable part of Queensland’s transportation network.


Skytrans operates primarily within Queensland, connecting Cairns to various regional and remote destinations like Cape York, the Torres Strait Islands, and other outback locations. The airline plays a critical role in linking these secluded areas to the main urban centers, thus contributing to their economic and social development.


The airline’s fleet mainly consists of Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft, which are well-suited for the shorter runways and less developed airfields often found in remote areas. These turboprop planes are versatile and efficient, making them ideal for the unique requirements of Skytrans’ regional operations.


  • IATA: QN

Official site:

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