Sky High Aviation Services

Sky High Aviation Services operating as SKYhigh, is an airline firmly rooted in the Dominican Republic, providing scheduled and charter flights primarily within the Caribbean. Founded in 2012 and commencing operations on October 5 of the same year, SKYhigh has established itself as a reliable carrier, connecting various destinations with a focus on ensuring accessibility within the Caribbean region. With a fleet size of 7 and reaching 23 destinations, SKYhigh continues to facilitate crucial air connections amidst the islands.


SKYhigh operates a myriad of routes, engaging in both scheduled and charter operations from its hub at Las Américas International Airport in the Dominican Republic. The airline encompasses a broad range of destinations in the Caribbean, offering not only scheduled flights but also charter services, and continuously exploring possibilities for future routes. Some destinations include Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Cuba, Curacao, French Guiana, and various locations within the United States, among others.


The SKYhigh fleet, as of September 2023, is composed of various aircraft, each selected to aptly meet the diverse demands of its widespread routes. The current fleet includes Boeing 737-300SF for cargo needs, Embraer ERJ-145, and Embraer 190, with an additional order of Embraer 175 on the horizon. The airline meticulously manages its fleet to ensure robust, reliable, and efficient services across all its operations, whether it be passenger or cargo transportation.


  • IATA: DO

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