Established in 1984, Sirio has evolved into a unique Aircraft Management and Maintenance organization with a boutique-style approach to fostering personalized and transparent client relationships. Since 2018, it has been a part of Directional Aviation, one of the world’s largest aviation portfolios, showcasing a robust growth trajectory over the years. It started as a corporate flight department for a Dassault Falcon 20F, obtaining its worldwide commercial Air Operator Certificate (AOC) in 1991, and becoming an independent Aircraft Management and Maintenance Organization in 1996.


While the specific destinations are not listed, given its global operations and U.S. approvals, it’s likely that Sirio covers a broad range of destinations worldwide.


Currently, Sirio manages a fleet of 11 jets, indicating a diverse range of aircraft to cater to various client needs. They have a history of operating Dassault Falcon jets and have expanded their fleet over the years.



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