Silver Air


Founded in 1995, Silver Air is a niche Czech airline with its headquarters in Prague. While it might be a small player in the aviation sector, its services are distinctive. Primarily, the airline offers both passenger and cargo services. Interestingly, even though Silver Air is a Czech-based airline, its passenger operations hub is located at Marina di Campo Airport in Italy. On the other hand, its cargo services are exclusively run in Romania, showcasing the airline’s versatile geographical operations.


Silver Air has a unique set of destinations that it serves. For passenger flights, the airline connects various Italian cities including Bologna, Elba (which is its base), Florence, Milan, and Pisa. Additionally, it has seasonal flights to Lugano in Switzerland. In Romania, the airline offers cargo services connecting Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca.


Silver Air operates a modest fleet, which, as of September 2015, consists of two Let L-410 Turbolet aircrafts. These aircrafts are versatile and suit the airline’s operational requirements, serving both passenger and cargo routes effectively.



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