Silesia Air


ESilesia Air ensures fast, priority, and discreet check-ins, giving passengers the power to choose their travel companions, destination, and ensuring utmost privacy during the journey. Upholding the highest European safety and security standards, the airline boasts an experienced team of pilots, technicians, and operational staff. Whether it’s a business trip, a family vacation, or a simple need to transport cargo, Silesia Air stands ready to offer a unique and personalized flying experience.


With Silesia Air, traverse across Europe in a flexible manner. The airline’s operations empower passengers to decide their destinations, ensuring they reach their chosen locales swiftly and comfortably.


The pride of Silesia Air’s fleet is the Cessna Citation 560XL XLS+. Designed for comfort and performance, it’s the perfect embodiment of the airline’s commitment to top-tier service and excellence.


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