Sharp Airlines

Sharp Airlines is an Australian regional airline founded in 1990 and based in Hamilton, Victoria. The airline plays a significant role in connecting smaller communities to larger urban centers in Australia, offering regular passenger services, charter flights, and freight services. Known for its customer-focused approach, Sharp Airlines prioritizes safety, reliability, and flexibility in its operations. Its diverse services have positioned it as a valuable asset for tourism and commerce in the regions it serves. The airline also has partnerships with larger carriers, facilitating seamless travel experiences for its passengers.


Sharp Airlines operates mainly within the southern regions of Australia, covering states such as Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. Its key routes include flights between Melbourne and regional centers like King Island and Flinders Island. These flights are vital lifelines for the local communities, offering a quick and efficient means of travel for both business and leisure.


Sharp Airlines primarily operates Fairchild Metro 23 and Cessna 404 Titan aircraft. The Fairchild Metro 23 is a 19-seat turboprop, ideal for shorter distances, while the Cessna 404 Titan can accommodate smaller passenger numbers and is often used for specialized charter services. The aircraft are well-maintained and adhere to high safety standards.


  • IATA: SH

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