Seair Seaplanes

Seair Seaplanes, operating since 1980, is a Canadian airline based in Richmond, British Columbia, known for its scheduled and charter floatplane services. It connects Vancouver with the Gulf Islands and other coastal BC locations, offering a unique travel experience. Seair prides itself on safety, modern fleet, and customer service, aiming to provide seamless and efficient travel across the region.


Seair Seaplanes serves destinations primarily in coastal British Columbia, including the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands in the USA. They offer scheduled flights, charters, and sightseeing tours, focusing on connecting Vancouver with nearby island communities and remote locations.


The Seair Seaplanes fleet comprises Cessna Caravan Floatplanes, DeHavilland Turbo-Beaver Floatplanes, DeHavilland Beaver Floatplanes, and a Cessna Skywagon Floatplane. These aircraft are specifically designed for water landings, making them ideal for Seair’s operations in the coastal and island regions of BC.



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