Sasca Airlines

Empresa venezolana de Servicio Público de Transporte Aéreo, commonly referred to as a committed Venezuelan air service provider, has steadily embedded its roots within the aviation sector by maintaining a staunch dedication towards its users. The entity prides itself on adhering to high safety standards, ensuring thorough compliance with all SMS safety stages and is on the trajectory towards achieving international certification. With extensive experience in the aerial transportation sphere, it navigates the realms of both the tourism and cargo sectors, offering non-regular, domestic flights with an international vision, while operating under Venezuelan Aeronautical Regulation No. 135 (RAV 135).


Emphasizing its non-regular, yet meticulously planned flight operations, this Venezuelan enterprise engages in the facilitation of domestic flights.


Ensuring a harmonious blend of safety, reliability, and passenger comfort, the airline likely operates a fleet attuned to the diversified demands of both passenger and cargo transport. While specific models and types of aircraft remain unspecified, it’s plausible to assume a variety of air vessels in service to cater to the distinct and varied routes and logistical requirements dictated by its operations in both the tourism and cargo sectors.


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