SAS Connect

SAS Connect, previously known as SAS Ireland, is a subsidiary of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and an extension of the SAS Group. Established to operate exclusively on behalf of SAS, SAS Connect commenced operations on December 20, 2017, with a focus on maintaining a cost-effective operational model. The airline’s inception was part of a strategy to enhance competitiveness by offering lower-cost operations, facilitated through the utilization of more economically efficient aircraft and operational bases located outside Scandinavia, notably in Dublin, Ireland, where it’s headquartered.


SAS Connect operates from several bases including Copenhagen, London-Heathrow, and Stockholm-Arlanda. Although the specific destinations are not listed, the airline’s operations are intertwined with the broader network of Scandinavian Airlines, implying a range of destinations within Europe and potentially beyond.


The fleet of SAS Connect comprises Airbus A320neo aircraft, a modern and fuel-efficient model that aligns with the airline’s goal of cost-effectiveness. As of October 2023, SAS Connect operates 26 Airbus A320neo aircraft, each with a passenger capacity of 180 seats.


  • IATA: SL

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