Sardinian Sky Service

Founded in 2010, Sardinian Sky emerged from a collaboration among Italian entrepreneurs and aeronautical professionals. Initially operating a single Piaggio P180 Avanti, they later transitioned to Cessna Citation Excel XLS/XLS+ aircrafts. Based in Milan Malpensa, they offer worldwide air transport, private and commercial aircraft management, aircraft acquisition intermediation, and aeronautical transport consulting. They’re authorized as a European airline with the highest global operating authorizations, and are the first Italian member of the Air Charter Association since February 2019.


Operates globally, with capabilities like low visibility takeoff and landing, even in challenging airports like London City.


The fleet comprises of Citation Excel XLS/XLS+, Gulfstream G150/G280, Piaggio P180, and Legacy 600/650, catering to varying client needs.


Official site:

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