San Juan Aviation

San Juan Aviation, based at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina, Puerto Rico, is an Air Charter airline, focusing on delivering specialized flight services to various destinations within the Dominican Republic. Establishing a bridge between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the airline contributes to a streamlined travel experience for passengers traveling between the two Caribbean islands, ensuring both convenience and reliability in their airborne ventures.


San Juan Aviation primarily offers flights connecting Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, ensuring seamless air travel between these Caribbean destinations. The airline, with its strategic operations, serves to facilitate regular connections for both leisure and business travelers, enhancing regional travel within these island nations.


The fleet of San Juan Aviation is composed of Beechcraft King Air aircraft, recognized for their reliability and performance. With two of these aircraft in operation, the airline ensures a consistent and dependable service for its passengers, maintaining a schedule that effectively meets the demands of inter-island Caribbean travel.


  • IATA: JI