Samoa Airways

Samoa Airways, the national airline of Samoa, was established to cater to the air travel needs of the Samoan Islands and to offer connections to international destinations. Based at Faleolo International Airport in Apia, the airline plays a significant role in promoting tourism and facilitating business and personal travel. With a focus on safety, comfort, and customer service, Samoa Airways aims to provide a seamless travel experience that embodies the warmth and hospitality of the Samoan culture. Whether it’s short hops between the islands or international flights, the airline is committed to delivering a reliable and enjoyable air travel service.


Samoa Airways primarily operates flights within Samoa, connecting the country’s two main islands, Upolu and Savai’i. Additionally, the airline offers international services, linking Samoa with key destinations in the Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.


The airline’s fleet is designed for both short-haul and medium-haul routes, featuring aircraft that can navigate the unique geographic challenges of island aviation. With a mix of turboprops and jet aircraft, Samoa Airways is well-equipped to offer a range of flight options to its passengers.


  • IATA: OL

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