Salt Air


Salt Air is a New Zealand-based airline and aviation service provider, headquartered in Paihia, Bay of Islands. Founded in 1992, Salt Air initially started as a seaplane operation and has since diversified into a multi-faceted aviation company. The airline provides a unique blend of services, including scenic air tours, charter flights, and scheduled services to various destinations. Known for its focus on safety and customer satisfaction, Salt Air has built a strong reputation for offering one-of-a-kind aerial experiences over some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes.


Salt Air operates flights primarily in the Northland region, focusing on the Bay of Islands and surrounding areas. Their scheduled services link the city of Whangarei with the scenic Bay of Islands, while their charter and scenic flights offer bespoke itineraries to a variety of destinations, including remote islands and tourist spots.


The Salt Air fleet consists of a variety of aircraft, including seaplanes and fixed-wing planes, designed to suit the specific needs of their scenic tours, charters, and scheduled services. Their aircraft range from smaller planes for intimate tours to larger, more robust planes suited for longer journeys.


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