RUTACA Airlines


RUTACA Airlines, formally recognized as Rutas Aéreas, established its roots in Ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela, on February 6, 1974, by founder Evard Mares Bianchi. Initially embarking on non-scheduled cargo and passenger flights with modest-sized aircraft, RUTACA progressively expanded its horizons, ultimately providing scheduled and charter services throughout Venezuela. However, its trajectory was not without challenges, notably experiencing operational hurdles during the 2017 Venezuelan constitutional crisis. As of 2023, RUTACA remains a notable entity in the Venezuelan aviation landscape, navigating through both national and international skies.


With a service map that spans several national and international destinations, RUTACA has historically bridged crucial air routes. Its domestic services include pivotal Venezuelan cities like Caracas, Barcelona, and Maracaibo. On the international front, while it has terminated various routes, it maintains operations to destinations like Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, as of the latest available data from August 2023.


RUTACA’s fleet has been an amalgamation of revered aircraft models from manufacturers like Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, ensuring a versatile and reliable service. As of March 2023, the airline operates a diverse fleet comprising Boeing 737-200 and 737-300 models, as well as McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and MD-88 aircraft, all tailored to accommodate varying passenger capacities and range capabilities.


  • IATA: 5R

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