Roraima Airways

Roraima Airways, based in Georgetown, Guyana, has been an essential component in Guyana’s aviation industry, providing critical aerial services since its inception in 1992. Initially a domestic service provider, it enhanced its offerings, providing charter services, scheduled flights, and medevac services. The airline takes pride in its contributions to connecting Guyana with remote and international destinations, while also placing a significant emphasis on delivering a commendable and secure flight experience to its passengers.


Roraima Airways typically manages flights within the boundaries of Guyana, aiming to connect the capital city of Georgetown with remote locations and popular sites throughout the country. Additionally, the airline offers charter services that encompass international destinations, facilitating the connection of Guyana with various locations within the Caribbean and South America, depending upon client requirements.


The fleet of Roraima Airways has been designed to adeptly manage the diverse terrains and distances encountered during its flights. It comprises a mix of aircraft to ensure aptness for varied flight demands, with options such as the Britten-Norman Islander and the Cessna 206, well-regarded for their reliability in managing short-haul flights and operations within challenging geographical settings.


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