Pro-Air Services

Pro-Air Services, situated in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico, has been offering bespoke air charter solutions since its establishment in 1981. With its operational base at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, the airline has cemented its position in the aviation industry as a reliable air charter operator. Catering to a diverse clientele, Pro-Air Services emphasizes providing tailored air travel experiences, ensuring the nuanced needs of passengers are met with precision and professionalism. Navigating the skies with a select yet proficient fleet, the airline underscores quality and personalized services in every flight.


Operating primarily as a charter airline, Pro-Air Services does not have fixed destinations but rather provides custom routes based on client requirements. The airline predominantly serves clients looking for personalized travel solutions, connecting them to various locations as per their specific needs. Pro-Air Services possesses the capabilities and expertise to operate charter flights to various destinations, ensuring a tailored, client-focused travel experience.


The fleet of Pro-Air Services, while compact, is perfectly formed to cater to the distinct needs of charter travel. It consists of two aircraft types, each chosen for its reliability and performance. The Aero Commander, known for its robustness and adaptability, alongside the Piper Aztec, celebrated for its balance of performance, economy, and comfort, make up the diligent fleet. Each aircraft is meticulously maintained, ensuring secure, and efficient operations on every journey.