Prams Air

Puerto Rico Air Management Services (PRAMS), established in 2005, functions as an air charter and cargo operator, basing its operations at Miami International Airport. Uniquely, its operating certificate grants it the capacity to navigate through the USA, the entire Caribbean, including Cuba, and extending its wings to South America. Notably, PRAMS, at a certain point, possessed a distinct operating permit that enabled it to run flights from the United States mainland to the U.S. embargoed Caribbean island, Cuba. The carrier typically handles excess baggage and other cargo, facilitating charter flights for companies orchestrating these specialized journeys.


PRAMS boasts a notably wide operational range, encompassing the USA, the entire Caribbean, and South America, with an exceptional authorization to operate between the United States mainland and Cuba. This enables PRAMS to facilitate charter and cargo flights that transcend typical logistical constraints, notably serving companies that arrange specialized flights from Miami International Airport to Cuba, despite the U.S. embargo.


The PRAMS fleet incorporates aircraft tailored to meet its charter and cargo operational needs. For instance, a Cessna 210, depicted as N801FL at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, is part of its apparatus to manage the air charter and cargo undertakings effectively, though details about additional aircraft within the fleet are requisite for a comprehensive overview.