PNG Air is an airline based in Papua New Guinea that offers both domestic and regional flights. Established with the aim to provide reliable air services across Papua New Guinea’s varied and often challenging terrains, PNG Air has become an essential part of the country’s transportation infrastructure. With a focus on safety, customer service, and connecting remote communities, the airline plays a vital role in the region’s economic development. Over the years, PNG Air has steadily expanded its network to cover a range of destinations, helping to bridge geographical gaps and bring people closer together.


PNG Air primarily operates domestic flights within Papua New Guinea, connecting major cities like Port Moresby with smaller towns and rural areas. The airline also offers limited regional services, including flights to neighboring countries. Through its extensive network, PNG Air facilitates not only passenger travel but also the transport of goods, thereby contributing to local economies.


The fleet of PNG Air is versatile, designed to operate effectively in the diverse geographical conditions of Papua New Guinea. From turboprops suitable for shorter runways to more substantial aircraft for longer distances, the airline’s fleet is equipped to serve a wide range of routes.


  • IATA: CG

Official site:

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